Holistic Coaching

Today’s families are busy.

Between careers, school events, and extra-curricular, there seems to be no time to breathe, let alone spend quality time together as a family.

This is where my coaching comes in.

I specialize in supporting busy families of school-aged children who are seeking more family time and less chaos. I help them zero in on their current practices and structures that are keeping them from where they want to be. I help them SLOW DOWN.  Some of the areas that I can help include:

  • School/Family routines
  • Meal Planning
  • Organization for both family and individuals
  • Creating structures for chores
  • Relationship mending
  • Homework and study routines
  • Setting time for fun
  • Managing the technology monster
  • Family mindset

Contact me today to see how I can help support YOUR family.


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