The Journey Starts

In the 2 years since I quit my teaching job, I have been working towards getting my dream up and running.

This is funny because I have absolutely no idea how to start or maintain a business. Let’s just say that this is an entire work in progress.

One thing I did learn was that I need to narrow my focus. There were simply too many ideas running around in my mind and that caused me to get nowhere fast. Here are just a sampling of my bright ideas this past year…

  • Creating online courses for overworked and busy parents
  • Maintaining a FB community of busy professionals who want a change
  • Developing healthy vegan recipes and meal plans
  • Start my nutrition coaching
  • Start a Shopify store (the domain AllThatCat is available if anyone wants it)
  • Hold cooking classes on how to cook healthy
  • Do outdoor education activities for Teacher Pay Teachers
  • Start a podcast on… making changes in life; teacher life after teaching, kids that do great things, eating healthy, nature tidbits,…
  • Start a crafting class in my community
  • Create a membership for families or kids and offer different types (nature, art, science, engineering,..)
  • Start teaching on OutSchool
  • This is on top of designing how my outdoor education center will look, what classes I will offer, what will be in the garden, what musicians I could have,…

Has your mind ever driven you crazy with all of its ideas? Like, constant non-stop! How do you handle it? I made lists, and graphic organizers, and actually started too many of the ideas all at once and became very overwhelmed. The funny thing? These are just my ideas! The list of courses and/or workshops I have been a part of is even longer!

It took a while, but I finally decided that it is okay to FOCUS on one or two things.

Since then, I have new energy! I am no longer spending time in the black hole of the internet looking up recipes for yet another way to cook tofu or looking up different colors for cat backpacks from China.  ;o)

If you are feeling like your brain is overthinking everything, know that this may be a defense strategy to protect yourself from moving forward. Taking action is HARD. There is always that shiny object in the corner that wants to entice you over. That is just your fear of failure.  Throw a towel over that shiny thing and get to work. Pick ONE of your ideas. This should be the one that excites you the most. From there, tell that brain of yours that is it. That is the focus.

Then, take ONE small step towards making that a reality.

I am now focused on my family-centered business. This includes my upcoming family membership (Family Outdoor Adventures), nature craft classes (Wild Green Crafts), and of course, coaching families to be all they seek to be. This website is a work in progress. I have to fix and adjust the look, the blogs, and the offerings,…


Things are not set in stone. I can change them anytime.  I have told all of those other ideas to sit on the sidelines for a few years. Some of them are worthy, but right now I have to focus.

The important thing is to start. I did.

Did you?

If not, what is keeping you from starting?  Let me know in the comments!

Go on and change the world!


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